I first designed this blanket (Afghan) back in 2016, when my sister was battling Breast Cancer.  I finished just in time to present it to her, before sadly, she passed.  This is how this blanket has gotten it’s name “HEATHER” and I dedicate this blanket and all the trials and tributes of it to her.

Just like her battle, this blanket has certainly gone through many stages, and in a very small nutshell I will explain :-

Step 1: From design (from her diagnoses)
Step 2: To creation (her 1st round of treatment)
Step 3: Rushed release but just not perfect (her 1st “remission”)
Step 4: Taken back to the design table (her 2nd round of treatment)
Step 5: Still not 100% happy although a lot of work, testing and redesign went into this last design (She battled through chemo, even though it didn’t sit right with her either)
Step 6: To the final destination – Her passing


I absolutely love this design, even though I have changed it so many times, there is always a new group of stitches or a cluster that just works, that makes me think WOW – I created that.  The original design was full of crocodile stitches, the next design had really big full shells around the edging, and the final 2019 design had bows and shells that looked like flowers.  Each and every design I have done, I think of my sister so I am always wrapped in love.  There has always been that little part of me, that just is never happy with the final result, so I tweak it – but this is it – no more tweaking.
So for this Crochet-A-Long I will once again do a few little tweaks just to make it unique to the CAL, and I hope you will love it also.  Please join (if you have not done so already) the Facebook Group (link below) and keep an eye on the progress.

The Heather CAL Group
Raverly: Only the 2019 version is available at Ravelry.  I have taken all other versions of this pattern down.
Instagram: Please use the following hashtags #heatherCAL #mootiqueyarns #mooyarns

CAL stands for Crochet-A-Long and in short, it is just a pattern broken down into weekly parts and you join the fun, download the part (as my CAL is free) and work at your own pace.
By joining the Facebook Group, you will be joined by like minded crocheters and it will be a wonderful learning curve for us all.

This is the first time hosting (IF I GET THAT FAR) a CAL and it is a lot of work.  I am aiming for the pattern to be available in both US & UK terms.  I am very fluent in US Terms as I am a self taught crocheter and am just starting to make my patterns in UK terms.  At this stage there will not be any video tutorials, but I am playing around with the camera in the hope of working them into the CAL.

The amount of weekly parts is yet to be determined as I just don’t have that final thought as yet.  Each week, once i have completed the parts I am hoping to add a new little blog piece to keep you interested.
This blanket will be fully tested by a talented group of testers and each piece will be 100% ready for you.

Like how many have a different hold to their hook, many ‘designers’ have their own unique way they write their patterns.  Some do not include enough instructions, some include way to my instruction, some have no images, others have plenty.
I have my own style of writing that does differ from others.  I like to think, that I write how I read it.  I include handy hints, and additional tips, and I have many images.  I do not at this point have step by step images like other designers but I certainly have enough through out.
* All CAL weekly parts will include a full list of stitch descriptions.
* Full colour images for almost every round of the weekly part.
* There will be a ‘Print Friendly’ file available.
* These CAL parts will remain free for you to download and store in either your Ravelry Library or on your computer.


Thank You