HEATHER Crochet A Long in 2021

Heading your way early next year.

Some colour inspiration using Superb 8 by Fiddlesticks

Dusty Pink (70056)
Khaki Green (70013)
Sage (70064)
Yellow (70042)
Sand (70060)
Cream (70002)

Dark Purple (70010)
Blue (70016)
Yellow (70042)
White (7001)
Green (70012)
Black (70027)

Fuschia (70004)
Magenta (70003)
Wine (700045)
Green (70012)
Chartreuse (70069)
White (70001)

Rich Red (70006)
Wine (70045)
Maroon (70007)
Yellow (70042)
Green (70012)
Black (70027)


This design is based upon the very 1st major design I created, The Flowering Heather Blanket which due to 1 to many issues I have retired that pattern.  Since being retired, I have re-visited this pattern in the hope of getting it perfected and in doing so the pattern has undergone several re-designs that left it a former shadow of the original pattern.  HEATHER 2019, which is the latest edit is available for free either in my pattern store or via Ravelry.  I am taking elements of this pattern and the original, with a touch of artistic flare to come up with yet another version for this CAL.

This will be the 1st Crochet -A-Long I will be hosting, and I am aiming for a Jan 2021 (fingers crossed), start date.  It is a major learning curve for me, and getting prepped ready for a CAL is actually harder than designing the blanket in the first place.

For more information & the reason behind the name  click here

I have come up with 4 colour board for some inspiration all based on flowers (bringing back the FLOWERING Heather vibe).  You do not need to follow these combinations, but if you do end up liking the finished blanket, I will be putting together colour packs available through my yarn page.

Please hit the above Ravelry like, to store this pattern in your Ravelry library.  There currently is no files, just an information file and once the CAL has started I will be uploading and updating the weekly parts, both here in this blog & Ravelry.


START DATE:  I will release the dates and number of parts by mid to late NOVEMBER 2020.

This Blanket will be designed using 8 ply (DK or Light 3 yarns)
– I have used Fiddlesticks Superb 8, however any yarn will be acceptable as long as you use the correct hook size.
I will have a full list of yardage available closer to release date.

* A minimum of 30 stitch markers – it makes life so much easier for finding where to place your stitch if you have the stitch or space marked.
* Darning Needle and of course Scissors

TERMS: I am aiming for the to be available is both UK & US terms.  UK Terms is a new addition to my pattern writing skills and I am still becoming comfortable using these terms.

The pattern will have plenty of photographs throughout to help you complete the blanket.
At this point, I will not be including YouTube Tutorials, but it is something that interests me.

FACEBOOK: Please feel free to follow the link to the Facebook Group set up for this Blanket.  This is a small group at the moment, but I am hoping that closer to the start date that it will grow.
More information when it comes to light will be added here, and also within the Facebook Group.

All information regarding when the CAL starts officially, how many weekly parts, and any other important information will be given as soon as I have more time to sit and crochet.  As stated, I am hoping to finish re-working the pattern, checking and cross- checking all information, changing into UK terms, and breaking it all down into weekly parts all within plenty of time to send to Testers.  Jan 2021 at this stage is an approximate date, which could change.




Rounds 1 – 13


Rounds 14 – 20